Emergency Hot Lines
South Asia & Middle East: +0091.124.468.8444
South East Asia & China: +0066.271.288.93
UK, Europe & America: +0043.720.115.351
E-mail: rescue@emergencyrescuecard.com
Emergency Medical Rescue Card
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For individuals under the age of 75 seeking the benefits of a ERC membership, we have a plan that can meet your needs.
The best Student Rescue programs available to secure your studies and also enjoy your travel.
Family / Group
EERC Offers programs ranging from Annual products to short term programs which give you the flexibility.
Built to cover not only your employees when sent abroad but we also provide full blown on site clinics.
Telemedics E-watch
This watch is based on a unique technology where we are able to communicate with the subject once they fall.
Assistance to Travel around the world
ERC is a prepaid plan offering the highest standards of security to travellers, Business travelers, EXPATS and Corporates having to travel to far off countries within Asia, the Middle East and Africa including other parts of the globe.
Years of Experince
Emergency Resuce Card
Countries Covered
Emergency Resuce Card
Assistance Centers
Emergency Resuce Card
Medical Professionals
Emergency Resuce Card
Emergency Resuce Card
Partners Worldwide
Emergency Resuce Card

Why choose ERC?

Comprehensive global network.
Our Call Center is world's largest, most active center assisting globally.
We provide translation services
In addition to the stress of an emergency while away from home.
Wide network of doctors & hospitals
The quality of health care from overseas medical centers can be variable.

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