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If you happen to be an individual or fall in the category of a travel agent or Insurance broker we offer you many opportunities to sell and partner with us on these programs. We look for innovative and active partners who are interested and are above all keen and also believe in what they are selling.

Of course like al programs we offer a business partnership and our innovative methods especially on travel agents have proven to be superior within the industry besides just offering commissions.

Government organizations

We serve Governments, Foreign Service forces and local embassies world wide by providing them with the Right Medical services. In case you are a Government organization looking for a special product or high end service either for your citizens abroad or Foreign Service staff employees please feel free to get in touch with us.


arge, medium, small we might have the right solution for you. Taking care of your employees and even their families is equally important. Buying the right Insurance for them might cover their liabilities and protect your liabilities as well. However how does the service reach them. What are the services you are getting for what you are paying? The main benefits of contacting us is not limited. Please have a look into the details of what we offer to you as a Group.

Offshore Fuel & Power Projects

Set up of major infrastructure project carries large risks for the huge man power in those specific locations, be it in a highly remote area and other areas where your man power face with all kinds of life threatening risks. Here at AMA we understand this quite well. Having administrated many such projects before in various parts of ASIA.
We provide specialized services to be there with your Employees when most needed so they are more efficient and your projects are more efficient at the end of the day to get them executed.
  • Health and Safety Programs
  • On-site Clinics
  • Emergency Evacuations in a case of serious medical Problems


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