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Membership for Telemedics E-Watch

The Telemedics Watch is the latest, easy-to-wear and easy-to-use emergency personal alarm for the elderly, disabled and people with special needs. It looks like an ordinary watch – but has many features of a mobile phone. Those features keep wearers and carers connected – anytime, anywhere.

Its GPS mobile phone technology works as an emergency tracker and monitoring facility, while its discreet speaker and push-button answer call function enable the carer, family members and friends to call the wearer whenever they want to. And there's a one-touch SOS emergency alarm button in case of emergency.

Key Features of Telemedics Watch

  • One-touch, pre-programmed SOS emergency button connects to up to three family members/carers or 24/7 monitoring service if required
  • Real-time tracking with GPS show carers wearers' whereabouts at all time via any Smartphone
  • Wide geographic range means wearers can enjoy independence and mobility without being 'fenced' by a limited pendant range base station
  • Carers can talk to wearers via the 'watch' without wearers having to press a button - for example, in emergencies
  • Takes unlimited incoming calls from carers, family, friends, helping wearers stay in contact and reducing social isolation
  • Battery lasts from 48 to 72 hours after only 3-hours' charge time
  • No technical knowledge required: easy-to-use with no software required
  • Watch arrives pre-charged and pre-programmed, with easy-to-use instructions manual and full phone support
  • Discreet, easy to wear, and blends with everyday wear, unlike emergency pendant devices: soft silicone is comfortable and easy to clean
  • Sensitive microphone and speaker for phone functions with an optional hands-free earpiece.


GPS Enabled wrist SOS watch Including Geo Location, Two Way communication, SOS Alerts, 1.5 Inch color Display,AGPS,3 month track history record based on server, Real time tracking, Unlimited Geo fencing based on server, Inbuilt Speaker and Odometer reading server based
Sim Card 1 Sim card including 100 Rs talk time which would be only use for alerts and data Transfers from member to services provider
24/7 Medical Toll free Hotline Unlimited Usages
24/7 Medical telephonic Advice Unlimited Usages
24/7 Medical Update Limited to hospitalization case only
Ground Ambulance Transfer 2 times in a year and limited to best available private hospital within 20 KM from member location limited to each policy sold
In House lab Services 2 times in a year limited to pick up blood sample, urine sample, stool sample.(sample Pick up would be free of cost but investigation would be cost on actual)
Fall Pickup/In House Lifting Limited to Senior Citizen member only and 2 times in a year
Second Opinion Medical advice from Specialist Limited to 2 times in a Year.
Friendly Call Service 4 times a month only for Senior Citizen members Only
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