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UK, Europe & America: +43.720.115.351
E-mail: rescue@emergencyrescuecard.com
Emergency Resuce Cards in china

Travel Medical Insurance China

ERC is representing as "Emergency Rescue Card"
ERC a popular name of Travel Medical Insurance provider that can provide you safe traveling while traveling in China. Travel insurance helps frequent travelers at large scales.
ERC has professionals who support insurance holder in any uncertain medical emergency or when emergency medical demand occurs. We serve the People, situations and groups such as Corporate & Business, Power & Pipeline Projects, universities, schools, insurance companies, major events, hotels Resorts and Safaris, airlines, individuals, factories and infrastructure, non- Governmental organization, automotive industry, etc. To these trips Health insurance in China, offers you competent nurse, Quality of medical equipment and safe method of fleets, the safe and rapid assistance medical services, if any medical emergency happens to the insured.

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